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    Enterprise News
    Enterprise News

    Aluminum alloy decorative profiles

    Surface Treatment Engineering Technology Research and R&D Center

    Show strength, new silver aluminum material strong show in the 22nd national aluminum doors and windows curtain wall new products Expo
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    Introduction to Xinyin Exhibition

    On March 8, 2016, the 22nd national aluminum doors, windows and curtain wall new products fair arrived as scheduled, and hundreds of building materials industry giants and famous brands gathered here (Guangzhou? Pazhou? Poly World Trade Expo). Guangdong yaoyinshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. occupies the exhibition stand 4c16 on the second floor of hall 4 with an area of 188 square meters, which once became the focus of media interview and exhibitor selection. The building style is simple but not simple to meet the emotional and rational needs of the space environment, so as to highlight the elegance and luxury of the products, and greatly improve the overall image of yaoyinshan aluminum industry and Xinyin brand.

    Collective photo

    The person in charge of the scene (RAO Jianyun) was invited to be interviewed by the TV station

    Exhibition site

    After careful preparation, yaoyinshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. once again became a bright spot in the same industry with its advanced technical level, novel aluminum surface and high-end atmospheric door and window design, which attracted many Chinese and foreign businessmen to watch and consult. Many customers have brought some technical problems in the use of aluminum alloy. After the analysis and explanation of professionals in yaoyinshan aluminum industry, many customers are very satisfied, and the cooperation intention is reached on site.

    Scene: customers stop at the door of drawing bronze art

    On site: customers communicate and consult in the negotiation area

    On site: customers watch the series of doors and windows on the surface of electric fluorine swimming pool

    Scene: customers watch the material head in the exhibition

    On site: technicians explain to foreign guests

    New products

    All the new products introduced recently by the company not only enrich the surface categories of existing aluminum profiles, but also greatly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Xinyin brand. The products are novel and unique in surface, which are unanimously recognized and praised by new and old customers on site. In particular, the company's new surface of the Expo "electric fluorine swimming", the surface of the aristocracy, gorgeous color, soft texture, low-key without losing luxury. Compared with the common electrophoretic surface, the surface of electrofluorophoresis has the advantages of weather resistance, corrosion resistance and not easy to be dirty, and most of the surface can be used outdoors.

    New product: special shaped window

    New product: heavy sliding door

    New product: Bronze drawing art door

    New product: color board area

    New product area


    As a rising star in the aluminum profile industry, Xinyin aluminum products brand has made a long-term development in the aluminum processing industry in recent years after eight years of development. It not only has a certain brand accumulation, but also has a steady development pace. With good market operation ability, we have occupied a pivotal position in the aluminum processing industry. Despite this, we know that there is a long way to go. We will clarify our work ideas, continue to improve the management system, accelerate the process of brand building of Xinyin, rationally face the market demand, produce more high-quality products to serve the vast number of users. Xinyin aluminum is willing to work hand in hand with new and old customers and people from all walks of life to create a better tomorrow.

    China International Construction Trade Fair 2016

    Time: March 23-26, 2016

    Venue: Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center

    New silver aluminum will bring more new products, looking forward to your arrival!

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