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    Aluminum alloy decorative profiles

    Surface Treatment Engineering Technology Research and R&D Center

    Guangdong Yaoyinshan Aluminum Industry Co. , Ltd. , established in 2005, is an enterprise with modern production technology, specializing in research and development, production and sales of aluminum alloy construction, decoration, industry and aluminum products. The company is located in Genghe Town, Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, covers an area of 300,000 square meters and has an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons. It has more than 2,000 employees, including more than 300 intermediate and senior engineering and management personnel.

    Since the "Xinyin Aluminum" brand created by the company was put into production, it has taken "management as the root, quality as the foundation, innovation as the road, and service as the road" as the enterprise management policy, with the goal of creating first-class quality, with advanced equipment, Strict management-oriented, equipped with a good production environment, perfect quality management system. It has established a complete production system and a quality inspection center with advanced equipment, including melting and casting, extrusion, machine polishing, wire drawing, oxidation, electrophoresis, bright light, spraying, water-based fluorocarbon, wood grain, and aluminum product finishing. It has successively passed and won honors such as "ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification", "Gold Cup Award for Physical Quality of Non-ferrous Metal Products", "Product Identification Certificate Adopting International Standards", "Guangdong Famous Brand Product", "Foshan City Clean Production Enterprise".

    Surviving by quality and developing by innovation, Yaoyinshan Aluminum has always been at the forefront of the surface treatment field of aluminum profiles, taking the lead in setting up the municipal and provincial "Aluminum Alloy Decorative Profile Surface Treatment Engineering Technology R&D Center" and "Enterprise Technology Center", participated in the drafting of TS/T 873-2013 "Specifications for Aluminum Alloy Polishing Film", YS/T 730-2018 "Aluminum Alloy Wood Grain Profiles for Construction" and other industry standards, and has more than ten national invention patents. The company has successfully developed "oxidation polishing, polishing electrophoresis, fluoro electrophoresis, crystal electrophoresis, frosted copper, water-based fluorocarbon, cathodic electrophoresis, easy electrophoresis, color electrophoresis, thermal transfer wood grain, 3D/4D wood grain" and other new products. At present, the company's products have reached more than 1,000 series and more than 60,000 varieties, which are widely used in "curtain walls, doors and windows, sun rooms, wardrobes, cabinets, furniture, home appliances, decorations, industrial machinery and equipment, automobiles, ships" and other fields.

    Advanced technology, strict management, and quality aluminum materials have enabled Yaoyinshan Aluminum to establish goo

    d reputation in the market and won the recognition and trust of customers. "Xinyin Aluminum" is sold well all over the world due to excellent quality and good reputation.

    Looking forward to the future, we will continue to pursue quality improvement and product innovation with the spirit of "diligence, studious attitude, unity, and innovation", without changing our original aspirations, and develop with our customers and people from all walks of life to create a new pattern of the aluminum profile industry.




    Adopting modern technology
    making quality aluminum

    • Foshan "intelligent manufacturing, own safety" demonstration enterprise

      "Gold medal strategic partner" of Guangdong door association

      Pass the second round of cleaner production acceptance

      Successful research and development of new oxidized home decoration series

      Energy saving product certification

      National leading quality enterprise in aluminum alloy industry

      National quality and integrity benchmarking enterprise

      Stable and qualified products in national quality inspection

      Fully automatic small parts oxidation polishing production line is completed and put into operation

    • Won the first quality nomination award of Gaoming District

      Gold Cup Award for the quality of non-ferrous metals

      National leading enterprise in quality of aluminum alloy industry

      National leading brand in aluminum alloy industry

      National product and service quality integrity demonstration enterprise

      National quality and integrity demonstration enterprise

      National top 100 quality and integrity benchmarking demonstration enterprises

      National quality trustworthy products

      Qualified products with stable quality inspection

      Foshan "specialized and new" enterprise

      New chemical warehouse and expansion of waste water treatment facilities

      Carry out the second round of clean production

    • New mold nitriding workshop

      Won the title of Guangdong brand product

    • New surface treatment test base

      Mold intelligent automation warehouse put into use

      "Excellent supplier" appraised by Guangdong door association

      Obtained three national invention patent certificates

      New oxidation polishing (BMW gold) production line

      Two new extruders and sandblasting machines, one new vertical spraying production line

      New sales Building

    • The eco-friendly energy conserving casting workshop and polishing and electrophoresis workshops were completed.

      The crystal series and 3D-4D series products were successfully developed.

      The clean production acceptance was passed .

    • The name was changed to Guangdong Yaoyinshan Aluminum Co., Ltd.

      No. extrusion work shop and the vertical powder spraying production line were completed and put into production.

      Foshan Aluminum Alloy Decoration Profile Surface Processing Technology Research and Development Center was set up.

      Awarded as National Quality Stable Product.

      Awarded as National Enterprise with Excellent Quality and Procedures.

    • No. 3 extrusion workshop, No. 3 oxidation workshop and the oxidation and polishing workshop were completed and put into production.

      Entitled to golden prize for physical quality of non-ferrous metals

      Enterprise of level 3 safety production standard

    • No. 2 oxidation workshop was completed and put into production.

    • Awarded National Industrial Production License

      ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification was passed

      Certification for Standard Products in Guangdong Province Adopting International Standards

    • Foshan Yaoyinshan Aluminum Co., Ltd was established

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